Friday, March 14, 2014

Air Force Academy Controversy Over Cadets Posting Bible Verses

The U.S. Air Force Academy which is no stranger to church-state controversies is now in the midst of one over whether cadets may post Bible verses on the whiteboard each cadet has on his room door.  As reported yesterday by Fox News, the controversy began after a cadet leader posted a verse from Galatians on his dorm room door and another cadet contacted the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  When MRFF's head complained, the Bible verse was erased.  A dozen other students, though, upset by the removal of the verse began to post other Bible verses-- and some from the Qur'an-- on their own doors. The Academy did not require these to be removed because the students involved are not cadet leaders. meanwhile a coalition of religious advocacy groups has offered assistance to any cadet sanctioned for posting Bible verses on his door.