Monday, April 14, 2014

Italian Court Orders Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage Performed In New York

In Italy for the first time last Thursday, a court ordered the recognition of a same-sex marriage.  UPI reports that a judge in Grosetto ordered the local registry to record the marriage of two men who were married in a civil ceremony in New York in 2012. The court said that the Italian civil code "contains no reference to sex in relation to the requisites" for marriage. The Italian Bishops' Conference issued a statement saying that the ruling raises serious questions.


LWC said...

While I cannot speak to the constitutional protections under Italian law, I can speak to protections under the Equal Protection clause within the US Constitution. There is no legally justifiable discrimination against people of homosexual orientation. Denying rights to one orientation inflicts a greater injury than holding exclusive rights to an 'opposing' orientation.

Sra. Soft said...

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