Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Israel's High Court of Justice Invalidates A Stipend Program For Orthodox Yeshiva Students

Times of Israel reports on a decision handed down Sunday by a 7-judge panel of Israel's High Court of Justice invalidating a government program that awards 4-year Orthodox Jewish yeshiva students stipends designed to assure that they receive the equivalent of the minimum wage.  The court ruled that, like another scholarship program it struck down in 2010, the stipends perpetuate favoritism toward yeshiva students and discriminate against "other groups, including women, those of other faiths, students belonging to other Jewish denominations and university students." It said that the program does not appear to carry out the government's goal of encouraging yeshiva students to enter the workforce after 4 years. The stipend cut-off takes effect next year.  A separate program that aids longer-term yeshiva students was upheld by the Court.