Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nigeria's National Conference Adopts Recommendations On Religion

In Nigeria, The National Conference has been meeting since March 17. The National Conference grew out of a recommendation from a 13-member Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue. The Conference is considering the reports of its 20 committees on different critical national issues. The Daily Times of Nigeria reports on yesterday's consideration of the report from the Committee on Religion. The National Conference adopted the Committee's recommendation that the government should no longer use public funds to sponsor any program, particularly religious pilgrimages.  Instead the top religious bodies in the country should handle all matters relating to pilgrimages through Pilgrims Commissions managed under a law to be passed by the National Assembly.

The Conference has not yet passed on another recommendation of the Committee on Religion-- the proposed creation of a Religious Equity Commission authorized to advocate, and to enforce constitutional religious rights such as freedom of religion and freedom to acquire land for religious purposes.

 While many applauded the work of the Committee on Religion, others criticized it for avoiding the issue of mission schools and the issue of regulating the location of worship centers.