Thursday, May 15, 2014

North Carolina Supreme Court Stays Trial Court's Injunction Against School Voucher Program

The North Carolina Supreme Court yesterday issued an order (full text) in Hart v. State of North Carolina, granting a stay of a trial court's temporary injunction that had barred implementation of the state's Opportunity Scholarship program. (See prior posting.) The program, enacted in 2013, gives up to 2400 students from low-income families scholarships of $4200 to attend a private or religious school of the parents' choice. WRAL News reports that the North Carolina Educational Assistance Authority will now likely move ahead with its planned lottery to determine which of the 5500 applicants will receive scholarships for next year.  Two separate lawsuits have been filed against the program, arguing that it unconstitutionally spends taxpayer funds on private schools, including ones that discriminate in admissions. Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina issued a press release welcoming the Supreme Court's action.