Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Another Challenge To Idaho's Same-Sex Marriage Laws-- Now By Lesbian Veteran Over Burial Rights

A federal court challenge to Idaho's refusal to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere was filed yesterday by a 74-year old Navy veteran who wants to be cremated and have her ashes interred together with those of her already-deceased same-sex spouse. Plaintiff Madelynn Lee Taylor brought her spouse's ashes with her back to Idaho where the couple had lived together. The complaint (full text) in Taylor v. Brasuell, (D ID, filed 7/7/2014), alleges that the sole reason the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery refused her request to make these advance arrangements is Idaho's laws prohibiting recognition of Taylor's 2008 California marriage to her long-time partner. NCLR issued a press release and AP reports on the case. In an unrelated case in May, a magistrate judge in the same federal district court struck down Idaho's laws barring same-sex marriage. (See prior posting.) However subsequently the 9th Circuit in Latta v. Otter (May 20, 2014), granted a stay of the decision while it is on appeal.