Monday, July 07, 2014

County Clerk Asking Supreme Court To Stay Decision Allowing Same-Sex Marriage In Pennsylvania

The Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania clerk of courts continues her efforts to intervene in order to appeal a federal district court's invalidation of Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage.  Last week, the 3rd Circuit in Whitewood v. Secretary Pennsylvania Department of Health, (3d Cir., July 3, 2014) issued a summary order affirming the district court's refusal to permit her to intervene. Remaining unhappy with the Governor's decision not to appeal the underlying decision permitting same-sex marriage, county clerk Theresa Santai-Gaffney is now asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stay pending appeal the district court's order striking down the state's laws banning same-sex marriage.  In a petition filed Friday with Justice Alito (full text), she argues that when the Supreme Court granted a stay pending appeal to the state of Utah in a similar case, it signaled all lower federal courts that they should do the same. SCOTUS Blog reports more details.