Thursday, July 24, 2014

US Congress, European Parliament Focus On Case of Meriam Ibrahim

Yesterday, a subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing titled "The Troubling Case of Meriam Ibrahim." The hearing focused on the plight of a Sudanese Christian woman, married to a U.S. citizen, who was initially convicted of apostasy and sentenced to death by a Sudanese court, her subsequent release, and efforts of her family to come to the U.S.  (See prior posting.) A video of the hearing and the prepared statements of the four witnesses at the hearing are available from the Committee's website.

Meanwhile, last week the European Parliament passed a resolution (full text) condemning Ibrahim's detention and calling for legal reform.

UPDATE: On July 24, Ibrahim, on her way to the United States, stopped off at Rome where Pope Francis met privately with her, her husband and her two small children.  The Pope blessed Ibrahim as she held her baby in her arms. (HNGN).