Friday, August 15, 2014

Britain's Equality Commission Seeks Public Inupt On Religion and Belief Issues

Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission yesterday called for input from the public as part of its three-year project to strengthen the understaning of religion and belief in public life. Yesterday's EHRC Release reads in part:
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has today launched a major call for evidence from individuals and organisations about how their religion or belief, or that of other people, may have affected their experiences in the workplace and in using the services and facilities they need in everyday life. People can give their feedback at
The Commission wants to gather as much information as possible from members of the public, employers, providers of services, legal advisors and religion or belief organisations.  This will be used to assess how employers and service providers are taking religion or belief into account and the impact this has on individuals.  The work covers all faiths and beliefs and experiences in England, Scotland and Wales. We want to hear about the issues people face and how they find solutions.  The Commission will also use the evidence as part of its work looking at how effective the current legislation is proving in practice.