Friday, August 01, 2014

Court Upholds New Jersey's Reparative Therapy Ban For Second Time

 In Doe v. Christie, (D NJ, July 31, 2014), a New Jersey federal district court for the second time (see prior posting) rejected constitutional challenges to New Jersey's law barring mental health professionals from treating minors using Sexual Orientation Change Efforts. This challenge was brought by parents seeking reparative therapy for their 15-year old son.  The court said in part:
A3371 does not implicate Plaintiffs’ free speech rights  because the statute (i) does not regulate speech, directly or indirectly, but rather only regulates a mental health procedure performed by licensed counselors or therapists, and (ii) does not prevent the receipt of information regarding SOCE outside  the counseling or therapy setting. Accordingly, Plaintiffs’ claim that the statute violates their right to receive information is  without merit.....
The court also rejected free exercise and parental rights challenges to the law. NBC10 reports on the decision.

Meanwhile, as reported by BuzzFeed yesterday, 9 former leaders of the ex-gay movement signed a letter stating that conversion therapy is both ineffective and harmful.