Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Indian Court Bans Religious Animal Sacrifices

In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, a 2-judge bench of the High Court has banned the traditional practice of animal sacrifice in any place of public religious worship.  The decision (full text) handed down on Sept. 1 reads in part:
Sacrifice causes immense pain and suffering to the innocent animals. The innocent animals cannot be permitted to be sacrificed to appease the God/deity in a barbaric manner. Compassion is basic tenets in all the religions. The practice of animal sacrifice is a social evil and is required to be curbed.
The decision also calls into question whether animal sacrifice "can be termed as religious practice."  According to the Business Standard:
Gory goat slaughtering festivals take place in winters across Himachal Pradesh. Often, scores of goats are butchered in single day to appease village deities.
Today's Times of India reports on reactions to the decision.