Monday, October 20, 2014

Malaysian State Says It Will Enforce Mosque Attendance Law

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) issued a statement today opposing the announced plans of the government of the Malaysian state of Kelatan to enforce a provision of a 1994 law that criminalizes the failure of Muslim men to go for Friday prayers in the local mosque three times in a row. Section 104 of Enakmen Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Kelantan 1994 (Enactment of Religious and Malay Customs--Kelatan 1994) imposes a fine equivalent to $305 (US) and up to one year in prison for violation of the requirement. According to LFL the law violates Malaysia's Constitution:
The provision would be in serious breach of article 5 on liberty of the person; article 8 on equal protection of the law; article 9 on prohibition on freedom of movement; and arguably article 11 on freedom of religion.