Monday, October 27, 2014

Westboro Baptist Church Seeks To Intervene In Kansas Same-Sex Marriage Case

As reported by the Washington Blade, yesterday the virulently anti-gay Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church filed a motion (full text) to intervene as a defendant in Marie v. Moser, a Kansas federal court lawsuit challenging Kansas' ban on same-sex marriages. In its 26-page motion filled with religious references and quotations, the church argues:
WBC desires to assert that it is constitutional folly to suggest that a sinful-behavior-based union should be a union that is afforded civil rights and granted the imprimatur of respectability by a license from the government; and that in doing so the government violates its duty of religious neutrality; and puts itself in the position of imposing sin on the citizens, to the great detriment and harm of the health and welfare of the citizenry....
The Kansas Attorney General is unable to adequately represent WBC because to do so would cause the Attorney General to assert religious viewpoints and constitutionally protected religious rights, which is arguably contrary to the duty of the government to remain neutral on matters of religion, and would constitute a breach of the separation of church and state doctrine.