Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Suit Challenges Old Amendments to United Effort Plan Trust

The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday on a lawsuit filed in Utah state court in September, but which has so far gone largely unnoticed. Some 33 plaintiffs-- some one-time FLDS Church leaders-- are asking the court to invalidate 1998 amendments to the United Effort Plan Trust (UEP) that holds property of residents in the twin towns of Hilldale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona.  They seek to invalidate amendments that effectively gave control of the trust to FLDS Church leader Warren Jeffs. Those amendments made FLDS membership a condition of being a trust beneficiary, and led to the eviction from their homes of non-members. Attorneys for UEP have asked the court to consolidate the case with the ongoing Probate Court proceedings which are revising the terms of the Trust.