Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Mosques: Georgia Town Rejects One After Anti-Islam Protests While New Jersey Town Settles Suit Allowing One

Think Progress reports on the 4-1 vote by Kennesaw, Georgia city council on Monday rejecting the request of a Muslim group to rent space in a strip mall to use for daily and Friday prayers. The action comes after two weeks of heated debate featuring anti-Muslim rhetoric. Protesters outside city council carried signs with slogans such as "Islam Wants No Peace." An anti-Muslim group posted personal information-- including home address and children's pictures-- online about the one council member who favored allowing the mosque. The mayor however says the mosque could increase traffic and interfere with nearby businesses,

UPDATE: On Dec. 15, city council reversed itself and unanimously approved the mosque. (WABE News).

Meanwhile, the town of Bridgewater, New Jersey has reached a settlement with a Muslim group in Al Falah Center v. Township of Bridgewater, after the mosque won a preliminary injunction. (See prior posting).  As reported by NJ,com, the RLUIPA challenge to the township's zoning law amendment was resolved by the mosque exchanging its original property for a $2.75 million parcel at a different location purchased by the township, and payment of $5 million in damages and attorney's fees by the township's insurer.