Thursday, December 11, 2014

Polish Constitutional Tribunal Rules Ban On Ritual Slaughter Unconstitutional

Poland's Constitutional Tribunal ruled yesterday, in a 5-4 decision, that a ban on kosher and halal slaughter of animals is unconstitutional. JTA reports that the ruling came in a case filed by the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland and other organizations claiming that the ritual slaughter ban that went into effect last year violates the European Convention on Human Rights. As previously reported, in late 2012 the Constitutional Tribunal held that Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter of animals without first stunning them violates Poland's animal protection laws.  That ruling ended a $500 million industry in the country of processing halal and kosher meat for export. Poland's Parliament will now take up a bill drafted by the National Council of Agricultural Chambers that would legalize ritual slaughter. Jerusalem Post reports on the tensions between local Polish Jewish leaders and the Brussels-based European Jewish Association that arose over choice of strategies to fight the ritual slaughter ban.