Thursday, December 04, 2014

White House Christmas Theme Announced

Yesterday the White House issued a press release captioned Information on White House Christmas 2014. It reveals that the theme for this year is "A Children's Winter Wonderland."  The release outlines at length the decorations in each part of the White House. It also highlights a high tech innovation:
For the first time ever this year, the White House hosted a 3D Printed Ornament Challenge, in collaboration with the Smithsonian and Instructables..... From a holiday Abe Lincoln and happy snowmen to a map of highways in the United States, the Challenge received over 300 designs, many of which were creative, whimsical and beautiful.....
The Challenge highlights the importance of the Maker Movement and the way that tools and technologies like 3D printing are enabling more people to take their ideas and turn them into reality. Educators are increasingly using technologies like 3D printing to engage students in a hands-on approach to learning about STEM.