Tuesday, January 06, 2015

5 Church Members Indicted For Assault and Kidnapping In Efforts To Cure Teen of Homosexuality

The Shelby (NC) Star reported yesterday on the kidnapping and assault indictments last month of five members of a North Carolina church growing out of their attempts to break a 19-year old young man free of homosexual "demons."  Matt Fenner, who had joined the World of Faith Fellowship Church in Spindale, NC, says some 20 church members joined 3 others that had taken him to the back of the sanctuary.  Begining with "blasting"-- a high-pitched screaming prayer--, the groups's efforts at eliminating Fenner's homosexuality  led to their pushing, hitting and screaming at him for two hours in January 2013. Fenner says he had to press authorities to investigate.  The church's attorneys say that the charges are "an absolute complete fabrication." Apparently the 750-member church that operates a 35-acre complex in Spindale has been accused for years of exerting excessive control over its members. The church has also posted a denial on its website, saying "it is clear that [Fenner] has been influenced by several individuals who have vowed to destroy our church."