Friday, March 13, 2015

Navy May Remove Christian Chaplain For Inapproriate Counseling On Sexuality

Military Times reported Wednesday on the Navy's threat to remove Pentecostal chaplain Lt. Cmdr. Wesley Modder from the service because of inappropriate counseling he offered to sailors on issues of sexuality. After a number of sailors filed equal opportunity complaints against Modder, on Feb. 17 he was issued a "detachment for cause" letter.  His commanders charge that Modder is intolerant and unable to function in a diverse and pluralistic environment. Assigned to the Nuclear Power Training Command in South Carolina, Modder had criticized female sailors for pre-marital sex and told students that homosexuality is wrong. When told of complaints against him, Modder responded that he will not follow Navy policy that conflicts with his religious beliefs. Modder has been temporarily reassigned, while it is determined whether a board of inquiry to officially separate him from the Navy will be convened.  He has less than a year to serve in order to qualify for 20-year retirement benefits.