Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Resource On Legality of Same-Sex Unions Around The World

American Lawyer reported this week the the Jones Day law firm has launched a new website that provides information on the legal treatment of same-sex relationships in some 300 jurisdictions around the world. The website describes its coverage:
This guide is intended to provide a resource to help answer questions regarding whether particular jurisdictions throughout the world afford legal recognition to same-sex couples. For all U.N. recognized countries, including their constituent parts such as each U.S. State, and Taiwan, the guide answers whether legal recognition of same-sex couples is granted and, if so, provides answers to various follow-up questions, such as whether marriage or some other status is afforded same-sex couples, whether foreign same-sex marriages are recognized in the jurisdiction, and the manner in which same-sex couples may dissolve their relationships.
The website is also now listed under "Resources" in the Religion Clause sidebar.