Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter/ Passover Stories From The Weekend

On Friday, the White House released a statement (full text) from the President sending Good Friday and Easter wishes, and indicating that the President will be hosting the annual Easter prayer breakfast on Tuesday.  The statement reads in part:
Michelle and I join our fellow Christians around the world in observing Good Friday and celebrating Easter this weekend. With humility and awe, we give thanks for the extraordinary sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation. We rejoice in the triumph of the Resurrection. And we renew our commitment to live as He commanded ...
On Saturday, the White House posted a video message from the President sending Passover and Easter wishes.

On Friday, the White House posted a photo of this year's annual White House Seder along with a detailed menu for the evening.

A traditional Passover ritual is the "selling of chametz"-- a symbolic transfer of ownership of food that does not meet Passover standards so an individual will not own leavened foods during the holiday period. JTA reported Friday:
For the past 15 years [the Israeli government] has been symbolically selling all the chametz from state-owned companies, the prison service and Israel’s national emergency supply to Hussein Jabar, an Arab-Israeli resident of Abu Ghosh. It then buys it all back after the holiday is over. The price tag? $5,000.