Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jury Convicts 3 In "Coerced Get" Kidnappings

In Trenton, New Jersey yesterday a federal district court jury convicted 3 of the 4 defendants on trial on kidnapping related charges growing out of alleged arrangements to abduct, beat and torture recalcitrant Jewish husbands who refused to give their civilly divorced wives a religious divorce document (get). (See prior posting.) NJ Advance Media reported that the most prominent of the defendants, 69-year old Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Mendel Epstein, was found guilty only of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.  Prosecutors charged that he arranged the kidnappings and torture in exchange for as much as $60,000.  The jury found Rabbi Jay Goldstein, who allegedly acted as the scribe for the gets guilty of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and attempted kidnapping.  Rabbi Binyamin Stimler who allegedly acted as a witness for the get was also convicted of conspiracy and attempt. David "Ari" Epstein, son of Mendel, was acquitted on all charges.  All of the defendants were acquitted on the kidnapping counts against them.  Stimler's attorney says an appeal is planned.