Thursday, April 09, 2015

Southern Baptist Convention Urges Prayer Sessions On Morning of Same-Sex Marriage Arguments

The U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the same-sex marriage cases on April 28.  The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention in a web posting is urging organizations and churches to set aside time that morning "to appeal to God to preserve marriage in our land."  It sets out a sample prayer guide to use.  It adds:
The command to pray for leaders is an appeal to pray for leaders, who in Paul’s time were avowed enemies of Christ and his church. Still, despite their hostility to the burgeoning Christian movement, Paul says that government is a gift from God meant for our good, and that Christians should pray for government officials’ betterment and their wisdom; that they’d execute justice accurately and indiscriminately. So we must....
The outcome of this decision will shape the landscape of the church’s ministry in the United States for generations to come; and it will have significant consequences on the future of religious liberty.
[Thanks to Center for Inquiry for the lead.]