Thursday, May 07, 2015

Afgahn Court Sentences Men Charged In Mob Killing Of Woman Falsely Accused of Burning Quran

Yesterday Afghanistan's Primary Court in Kabul sentenced four men to death by hanging for the mob killing of a 27-year old woman who was falsely accused of burning the Qur'an.  Eight others were sentenced to 16 years in prison, while charges were dropped against 18 men for lack of evidence.  Nineteen police officers charged in the case with neglect of duty and failure to stop the attacks will be sentenced on Saturday. AP reports:
On March 19, a mob attacked Farkhunda after an amulet peddler accused her of burning a Quran after she challenged him over selling his wares to women desperate to have children. Chilling mobile phone videos recorded the horror of the last moments of Farkhunda's life, as she was punched, kicked, beaten with wooden planks, thrown off a roof, run over by a car and ultimately set afire on the banks of Kabul River.
The two full days of hearings in Farkhunda's trial were broadcast live across the country.