Friday, May 08, 2015

Faith Healer Sues Atheist Activist Claiming Misuse of YouTube Video

In Arizona last week, Adam Miller, a "spiritual transformational healer," filed a federal lawsuit against Joel Guttormson, an activist in the atheist and transgender communities, who allegedly obtained and misused Miller's promotional video by hacking into a private YouTube account.  The complaint (full text) in Miller v. Guttormson, (D AZ, filed 4/28/2015), alleges that Guttormson misappropriated a video titled "Healer Adam Miller – Explanation of the Healing Work," inserted into it allegations attacking the truthfulness of statements in it, and uploaded it to Guttormson's own publicly available YouTube channel under the title "Adam Miller: Con Artist." At the end of the doctored video, Guttormson promotes a website and an online atheist audio bookstore. The doctored video then appeared at the top of any Google search for Adam Miller. Guttormson subsequently uploaded two additional videos attacking Miller to YouTube. The complaint alleges copyright infringement, intentional interference with business expectancies and defamation. Techdirt blog criticizes the lawsuit at length.