Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Church Sues To Enforce Bequest

The Tampa Bay Times reported yesterday on a lawsuit filed by Christ the King Catholic Church, one of the Tampa, Florida area's most prominent churches, against Teresa "Terri" Gaffney, a lawyer who is prominent in the Hillsborough County Republican Party.  The church says that Gaffney's father John J. Gaffney who died in 2011 had directed in his will that his house be sold, the proceeds used to pay any remaining expenses for his care, and the remainder be distributed to the Church.  But instead, Theresa Gaffney transferred the house to her daughter.  Gaffney says the house was never willed to the Church, and that the Church is suing her because her children have been raised in the Jewish faith of her husband. The house is valued at $344,000.