Thursday, June 18, 2015

White House, State Department Send Ramadan Greetings

Yesterday the White House issued a press release carrying Ramadan greetings from President Obama and the First Lady "to all those observing the month of fasting in the United States and around the world." The President's statement said in part:
In this month of giving, Muslims around the globe reach out to assist those afflicted by conflict, hunger, poverty and disease. And here in the United States, American Muslims join their fellow citizens to serve the less fortunate, hosting inter-faith activities that build understanding and remind us that we stand together as one American family. The diversity and patriotism of America’s religious communities give strength to all of us, and our freedom to worship reminds us of the values we share.
The press release also indicated that again this year the President will host an iftar dinner at the White House.

Also yesterday the State Department released a press statement  from Secretary of State Kerry wishing Muslims "a joyful Ramadan Kareem."