Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Zoroastrians In Kurdistan Threaten To Sue Company Over Use of Sacred Text Name For Diapers

In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, members of the Zoroastrian religious minority are threatening to bring a lawsuit against the Avesta Baby Diaper company.  Rudaw reported yesterday that "Avesta" is the name of Zoroastrian sacred scriptures and the word is holy to Zoroastrians.  The owner of the diaper company says he did not know of the religious connection; he chose the Kurdish name as a courtesy to Kurds. But now, he says, the brand name is popular with customers, and changing it would cause a major financial loss.  He adds that he would consider changing the name if he were compensated for the losses involved. The head of a Zoroastrian advocacy group says he believes the owner of the diaper company, a Muslim, chose the name deliberately.