Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wheaton College Ends Student Health Insurance In Response To Contraceptive Coverage Rules

Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that Wheaton College has made a last-minute decision to stop offering its students health insurance policies in order to protect its position in ongoing litigation. The College is in the midst of a high-profile challenge to the Obama Administration's rules accommodating non-profits that object to providing insurance coverage for contraceptive services.  Earlier this month, the 7th Circuit denied the college a preliminary injunction (see prior posting). Central to Wheaton's challenge is its argument that the accommodation which allows it to opt out of furnishing coverage directly still requires it to furnish information that triggers the objectionable coverage then being furnished by the insurer to its plan beneficiaries.  Wheaton has now posted a page on its website linking to a nearly hour-long video giving students who had expected to enroll in the student plan information on obtaining health insurance from other sources and announcing financial assistance for students who find their insurance costs increased.