Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2nd Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Class Action By Sikh Victims of 1984 Riots In India

In Sikhs for Justice, Inc. v. Gandhi, (2d Cir., Aug. 25, 2015), the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court's dismissal of a putative class action on behalf of victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots in India brought against Sonia Gandhi, president of India's ruling political party.  Claims under the Alien Tort Statute were dismissed because all relevant conduct took place outside the United States. Torture Victim Protection Act claims were dismissed on standing grounds.  The court added:
Moreover, plaintiffs failed to plausibly allege that defendant is liable for the anti-Sikh riots. At best, the amended complaint alleges that certain attacks were carried out on defendant’s “orders,” and that defendant was present at one of several meetings at which the riots were planned.