Friday, October 30, 2015

Indian Judge Concerned Over Water Pollution From Immersing of Idols

According to NDTV, in India a Justice on the Madras High Court is concerned that the traditional religious practice of immersing idols in bodies of water is having detrimental environmental effects.  At a bail hearing yesterday growing out of a clash at last month's Vinayaka Chaturthi idol immersion festival, Justice S Vaidyanathan commented:
On account of the immersion, materials like clay, bamboo, grass, wood, metals, jute, colours, painted cloth, flowers, incense sticks, dhoop, camphor and ash are released into water bodies..... It is not rational, prudent and judicious to pollute an already scarce commodity. This illiterate attitude towards water should be put to an end.
He suggested that artificial ponds might be built just for use during the festival season.