Sunday, October 25, 2015

Replica of Removed Oklahoma 10 Commandments Given To Oklahoma Governor [Corrected]

AP reports that on Friday, 11 riders from a Texoma Cowboy Church in Wichita Falls, Texas delivered to Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin a replica of the Ten Commandments monument which a court ordered moved from the Oklahoma statehouse grounds. (See prior posting.)  Rev. John Riggs, leader of the church, told the governor:
We're riding for the law of God today. We fully believe that this country was founded upon the principles of God's word. It breaks our hearts to see where this country is headed and to see the removal of the law of God from our land, from our buildings.
Fallin said she will place the replica in her office. [Corrected--an earlier version of this posting incorrectly said the replica was delivered to the governor of Texas.]