Thursday, November 26, 2015

British Court Says Religious Education Curriculum Must Include Non-Religious Beliefs

As reported by a British Humanist Association press release, a British High Court judge in London held yesterday that non-religious views, such as humanism, must be included in British schools' Religious Education studies.  In Fox v. Secretary of State for Education, (EWHC, Nov. 25, 2015), a judge held:
The Strasbourg jurisprudence shows that the duty of impartiality and neutrality owed by the state do not require equal air-time to be given to all shades of belief or conviction. An RE [Religious Education] syllabus can quite properly reflect the relative importance of different viewpoints within the relevant society. The same would seem to follow for a region or locality. The duty might therefore be described as one of “due” impartiality..... In addition, of course, a generous latitude must be allowed to the decision-maker as to how that works out in practical terms. But the complete exclusion of any study of nonreligious beliefs ... would not in my judgment be compatible with [the European Convention on Human Rights' provisions on the right to education].