Thursday, November 12, 2015

Maine's AG Sues To Enjoin Anti-Abortion Protester

Maine's Attorney General has recently filed a civil suit against an anti-abortion protester, seeking to enjoin him from coming within 50 feet of Portland's Planned Parenthood clinic and seeking to impose a $5000 civil penalty on him.  The complaint (full text) in State of Maine v. Ingalls, (Super Ct., filed 10/30/2015), alleges that Brian Ingalls, a regular protester, violated provisions of Maine law that prohibit interfering with constitutional rights as well as a provision barring intentional interference with the delivery of health services by making noise that can be heard within the building of a health care provider.  Ingalls was arrested after he ignored police warnings and continued to yell toward Planned Parenthood's second floor examination and counseling rooms about murdering babies, aborted babies' blood, and Jesus. The Portland Press-Herald says that this is the first suit of its kind to be filed in the state.