Friday, November 20, 2015

Nigerian State Will Monitor Churches and Mosques To Fight Hate Preaching

Vanguard reports today that in Nigeria, the Lagos state governor's office says it will take action to combat religious intolerance:
State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. Abdulhakeem Abdullateef, explained that the government would stop any religion leader who preaches hate messages that is capable of endangering people’s freedom.  According to him, "Henceforth, we’ll start to monitor mosques and churches and ensure that clerics do not engage in hate preaching."...
Let it be known to residents that henceforth, Lagos government in collaboration with Nigeria Inter- Religious Council (NIREC), will not tolerate hate preachers. These are the people who do not preach their religion but continue to spread mischief about people of other religions. We will not tolerate religious intolerance.