Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ISIS Fatwas Cover Topics Including Slavery of Infidels and Harvesting of Organs From Apostates

Reuters reported yesterday that among the documents seized from ISIS by U.S. Special Forces in a raid in Syria in May are a number of fatwas (religious rulings) on issues such as the rape of female prisoners, treatment of slaves with minor children, and when a son may steal from his father to for travel funds to fight jihad.  A booklet dated October 2014 and titled From Creator’s Rulings on Capturing Prisoners and Enslavement discusses rules on enslaving women captured from defeated infidels. These are in addition to the ISIS fatwa (full text) reported on last week by Reuters that approves the harvesting of human organs from apostates for transplantation into Muslims.

UPDATE: Here is the full text of the fatwa on sexual intercourse with captured infidel women who are taken as slaves.