Thursday, January 07, 2016

Dentist Sued For Harassing Staff With Constant Playing of Christian Music

According to yesterday's Clarkston News, four former employees of a Lake Orion, Michigan dentist have filed a religious discrimination and religious harassment lawsuit in state court against dentist Tina Marshall and her pastor.  After Marshall and her daughter joined the Christian ministry of Dr. Craig Stasio, Marshall increasingly insisted on playing Christian music in the dental office. Even though her employees objected, eventually she insisted on playing the music all the time, even when the building was empty, "to keep the demons out." The suit alleges that Marshall also conducted daily morning prayers with staff members, which eventually became mandatory.  She also prayed over patients receiving dental treatment.  Employees resisted the music, and some of them either resigned or were fired.  Eventually Marshall called on Stasio to restructure the office, and all but one of the current employees were fired and replaced by members of Stasio's ministry.  The lawsuit alleges discrimination in violation of Michigan's Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act.