Thursday, January 28, 2016

Report Traces New Role of The Satanic Temple

San Jose, California's Metroactive carried an interesting article yesterday titled How Satan Became the New Face of Secularism.  It chronicles the emergence of the Satanic Temple as a player in the church-state debate:
Originally conceived as a "poison pill in the church-state debate," ... the temple has since evolved beyond reactive political ploys. "Our message and beliefs are deeply sincere," says Jex Blackmore, who leads the group's highest-profile chapter in Mesner's native Detroit. "To us, Satan is a figure that embodies the characteristics that inform our deeply held beliefs, rather than a stab at the superstitious."
Adherents ...  embrace an atheistic philosophy that views Satan not as a deity but a literary symbol. Satan, in this brand of "ism," stands for reason, autonomy and rejection of superstition and arbitrary authority.... 
In the spirit of Satan as eternal outcast, activism remains central to the group's mission. Where religion has already breached the church-state divide, the Satanic Temple elbows in to remind lawmakers that those privileges necessarily extend to other beliefs.