Thursday, February 04, 2016

City Adopts Moment of Silent Prayer To Stop Scheduled Satanic Invocation

After hours of discussion, the Phoenix, Arizona City Council last night voted 5-4 to begin council meetings with a moment of silent prayer, replacing the 65-year old tradition of opening meetings with an invocation.  As reported by Tucson News Now, the change came in reaction to the invocation scheduled for the February 17 council meeting that was to be delivered by a member of the Satanic Temple. Originally some Council members had proposed to merely change the way in which persons were chosen to deliver invocations as a way to prevent the Satanic invocation, but at yesterday's meeting the city's attorney said that kind of retroactive change would likely pose constitutional problems. Meanwhile,  Councilman Jim Waring who wants to continue having invocations says he will seek a referendum on the issue