Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Religious Beliefs of Presidential Candidates Continue To Be Focus of Interest

International Business Times yesterday reviewed the religious faiths of each of the remaining candidates in the Republican and Democratic races for President of the United States, saying:
Some of the candidates’ paths to faith are more complicated than others, as they either deepened or found their faith at different points in their lives. Here we take a look at how each candidate identifies religiously, as well as at the religions of their children, spouses and parents.
Candidates' religious beliefs continue to spark controversy and interest.  As reported by the Wall Street Journal, candidate Ted Cruz yesterday dismissed his communications director Rick Tyler who had been his chief spokesman after Tyler posted on social media a video that misquoted a remark by rival Marco Rubio.  The misquote suggested that Rubio did not think the Bible had many answers in it, when in fact Rubio had said just the opposite.

Meanwhile last week, The Forward published an interesting opinion piece by Rabbi Valerie Lieber titled We Need To Out Bernie Sanders As A Jew-- For His Own Good.