Wednesday, April 06, 2016

New Study Surveys Restrictions On Women Wearing Religious Attire

The Pew Research Center yesterday released a report (full text) titled Restrictions on Women's Religious Attire.  It concludes:
50 of the 198 countries and territories included in the study had at least one law or policy regulating women’s religious attire in 2012 and 2013..... About three-quarters of those countries (39 of the 50, or 78%) had a law or policy limiting women’s ability to wear religious attire, while about a quarter (12 of the 50, or 24%) had at least one law or policy requiring women to wear particular attire. Some of these laws or policies applied nationwide, while others were imposed at the provincial, state or local level.   One country – Russia – had [both in different areas].
The study also found that in 2013, some 50 countries had at least one incident where women were harassed by private individuals either for wearing religious dress, or for not conforming to local customs concerning religious dress.