Friday, June 10, 2016

Court Denies Preliminary Injunction To Require Inclusion of Parochial Schools In Voucher Program

According to the Denver Post, a Colorado federal district court in a ruling from the bench  yesterday refused to issue a preliminary injunction to require the Douglas County (Colorado) School District to include religiously affiliated schools in its School Choice Grant Program.  The court held that it was unclear that plaintiffs would ultimately succeed on the merits of their claim that excluding sectarian schools from the voucher program amounts to government hostility toward religion. At any rate, plaintiffs had not shown irreparable harm since plaintiffs could always seek monetary damages if they ultimately prevail. Also no schools had yet agreed to participate in the grant program. Private religious schools were excluded from the grant program after the Colorado Supreme Court last year struck down an earlier school choice program adopted by the county which included religious schools. (See prior related posting.)