Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Florida County Elections Supervisor Removes Mosque As Polling Site After Complaints

The Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel last week reported that Palm Beach County, Florida Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher has reversed her decision to make the Islamic Center of Boca Raton a polling location in the August state primary elections. After receiving some 50 complaints, she moved the polling site to a public library.  A CAIR press release yesterday called the move discriminatory, and said it would request reinstatement of the original decision, in light of the fact that churches and synagogues regularly serve as polling stations. CAIR also says it will file a public records request for all communications relating to the move. A CAIR spokesperson said:
The supervisor of elections is evidently targeted by an organized lobbying campaign spreading fear and Islamophobia. Her discretion to designate or remove polling sites must never be based on religious, racial or ethnic bias...