Friday, November 18, 2016

Spanish Judge Clears Artist Who Used Stolen Consecrated Hosts

In Madrid, Spain, a trial court judge this week dismissed a suit which charges artist Abel Azcona with offending religious sentiments in violation of Spanish Penal Code Sec. 525.  The section prohibits publicly disparaging the dogmas, beliefs, rites or ceremonies of members of a religious confession. As reported by CNA:
Azcona stole more than 240 consecrated hosts from Masses celebrated in the cities of Madrid and Pamplona. He later took nude photos of himself arranging them on a floor to spell the word ‘pederasty.’ In November 2015, he displayed the photos as part of an art display in a city-owned exhibition hall available for public use. When that exposition was over, the would-be artist sold the consecrated hosts for more than $268,000....
The judge claimed Azcona made use of the hosts "discreetly, without his conduct being able to be characterized as disrespectful, offensive or irreverent." The exhibition of the artwork "does not constitute derision of the beliefs, rites or ceremonies of the Catholic Church nor is it an affront to those who profess or practice said beliefs," according to the judge.
 The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers which filed the suit (see prior posting) says it will file an appeal.