Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Court Grants Variance To Allow Digital Church Sign

In Antioch Community Church v. Board of Zoning Adjustment, (MO App., Dec. 13, 2016), a Missouri state appeals court held that the Kansas City Zoning Adjustment Board abused its discretion when it refused to grant a church a variance from the city's sign ordinance.  The church modified its sign which displayed messages by way of manually hung letters to substitute a digital display.  The upgrade cost the church $11,000, and it installed it unaware that the Kansas City sign code prohibits digital displays on church property in residential zones. In ordering the variance granted, the appeals court said in part:
The Church is on a busy roadway nestled in the middle of considerable commercial development. Its sign does not substantially change the character of the neighborhood, and no evidence was introduced to show a substantial detriment to neighboring properties.
KCUR reports on the decision.