Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Study Shows Religious Affiliation of New 115th Congress

Pew Research Center yesterday published its study of the religious makeup of the new 115th Congress.  91% of the members of Congress describe themselves as Christian.  There is more religious diversity among Democrats in Congress than among Republicans.  Of the 295 Republicans, 293 are Christian and 2 are Jewish.  Of the 242 Democrats, 194 are Christian, 28 are Jewish, 3 are Buddhist, 3 are Hindu, 2 are Muslim, 1 is Unitarian Universalist, 1 is religiously unaffiliated, and 10 declined to state their religious affiliation. Of the 484 Christian members of Congress, 168 are Catholic, 13 are Mormon and 5 are Orthodox Christian.  The others span various Protestant denominations, most being Baptist, Methodist, Anglican/ Episcopal, Presbyterian and Lutheran.