Monday, February 27, 2017

Recent Articles of Interest

From SSRN:
From SmartCILP:
  • Deepa Das Acevedo, Temples, Courts, and Dynamic Equilibrium in the Indian Constitution, 64 American Journal of Comparative Law 555-581 (2016).
  • Shlomo Pill, Jewish Law Antecedents to American Constitutional Thought, [Abstract], 85 Mississippi Law Journal 643-696 (2016).
  • Lua Kamal Yuille, Creating a Babel Fish for Rights & Religion: Defining 'Rights' Through Sacred Texts, [Abstract], 25 Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems 309-361 (2016).
  • Nelson Tebbe. McElroy Lecture. How To Think About Religious Freedom In an Egalitarian Age, [Abstract], 3 University of Detroit Mercy Law Review 353-367 (2016).
  • Symposium: Global Legal and Religious Perspectives on Elder Care. Introduction by Amy Zeittlow and Naomi Cahn; articles by Israel (Issi) Doron, Charles Foster, M. Christian Green, Nancy J. Knauer, Thomas G. Long, Rabbi Edith M. Meyerson, Diane E. Meier, Allison Kestenbaum, Rahimjon Abdugafurov, Beverly Moran and Xing Guang. 31 Journal of Law & Religion 115-226 (2016).