Friday, March 10, 2017

Hawaii Files Amended Complaint To Challenge Trump's New Travel Ban Executive Order

As reported by NPR, on Wednesday, Hawaii became the first state to sue to challenge the Trump administration's revised Executive Order imposing a 90-day suspension of entry into the United States by nationals of six Muslim-majority nations.  The state's Second Amended Complaint (full text) in State of Hawaii v. Trump,(D HI, filed 3/8/2017), alleges that the new travel ban violates the Establishment Clause by having the purpose and effect of disfavoring Islam, and violates the equal protection clause by discriminating on the basis of religion and/or national origin, nationality, or alienage.  It also contends that the Executive Order substantially burdens the exercise of religion in violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, contending:
Among other injuries, some non-citizens currently outside the United States cannot enter the United States to reunite with their families or religious communities. Religious communities in the United States cannot welcome visitors, including religious workers, from designated countries. And some non-citizens currently in the United States may be prevented from travelling abroad on religious trips, including pilgrimages or trips to attend religious ceremonies overseas, if they do not have the requisite travel documents or multiple-entry visas.
[Thanks to Tom Rutledge for the lead.]