Thursday, April 20, 2017

Assistant Principal Sues Over Christian Parents' Objections To Yoga

Atlanta Journal Constitution yesterday reported on a lawsuit filed in federal district court in Georgia by Bonnie Cole, an assistant principal in the Cobb County schools, who says she was forced out of the school in which she originally served after Christian parents objected to her introduction of yoga as a method of calming disruptive students. The paper recounts:
Cole, who says she is a Christian, says school leaders and ultimately the school board buckled under pressure from parents who held a prayer rally at Bullard “for Jesus to rid the school of Buddhism.” The next day, two women put their hands on Cole’s office window and prayed.
“Not only was the capitulation and transfer a humiliating and public demonstration of the district’s lack of support of Ms. Cole, it made clear to the community that religious activities will be allowed as long as they are part of the “accepted” religion of Christianity,” her lawsuit says.