Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Judge Denies New Counsel to Murder Defendant Claiming Religious Conflict With Attorney

Wichita Eagle reported yesterday that a Kansas trial court judge has denied the request by a defendant in a murder case who wants new counsel.  Defendant Rachael Hilyard, charged with decapitating Micki Davis, the mother of her ex-boyfriend, says she has an extreme religious conflict with her attorney.  She says her lawyer will not get her a psychological evaluation.  In a letter to the court, Hilyard said in part:
The victim in my case was a Jehovas Witness. I think he is one as well.  I am Catholic & this was a crime of God. I am requesting a change of counsel..... On a different case, this would be irrelevant. However, I am Catholic & and the head of a Jehovas Witness was found in my kitchen sink. I think she may have been a high ranking member in this religion.
Davis' family says she was not a Jehovah's Witness.